"Highlander Sea"
27" x 18"   w/c
"Morning Candescence"
18" x 28"   w/c
"Bolles Harbor"
45" x 30"   w/c
16" x 28"   w/c
" Pick a Peck"
20" x 20"   Oil
" Boat Night, Port Huron"
28 1/2" x 17"   w/c
Oil painting of a bowl of peppers
Watercolor painting of the Tall Ship, Highlander Sea on the St.Clair River
Watercolor painting of Black river in Port Huron Mich. before the Mackinaw Race
Oil Marine Painting of Bolles Harbor Mich.
Watercolor Painting of a variety ofdifferent colored peppers
Double click to edit" Hot Hot Not"
                                18" x 29"   w/c
Oil painting of a single tree with golden leaves in autumn
Watercolor painting of Pears in a box with astriped bow
Watercolor painting of pears and boxes with bows, polkadots and stripes
Oil Painting of sea shells
Watercolor Marine painting of downtown Port Huron Mich. during a Regatta
Watercolor painting of Port Huron Mich. Yatch Club during a Regatta
Watercolor painting of Kumquats in a glass bowl with boxes with polka dot and striped bows
         "Polka Dot Ribbons"
24" x 24"  oil

"Autumns Glow"
24" x 31"   oil
" Pearity
          8" x 10"   w/c
" Polka Dot Bow " 27" x 16"   w/c
" Port Huron Yatch  Club"
16" x 28"   w/c
" Port Huron Docks"
14" x 20"   w/c
  " She Sells "
24" x 24''   oil
''Toledo Light''
29'' x 19 1/2''  w/c
Watercolor painting of the Toledo, Ohio Lighthouse at sunset